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that some claim can cause excruciating pain if they're not applied correctly. texas used a single drug to kill someone yesterday and is one of five states doing so and georgia may be next. >> all the states that are studying this are finding that the one drug is the more humane way to deal with this punishment that the people from california has said is appropriate. >> reporter: all of this might be moot if the people of california pass a law to abolish the death penalty. >>> in april 2011 bonds was found guilty of one count in his trial that stemmeded from the steroids scandal. the home run record holder is appealing his conviction that cases before a three judge panel. so far though oral arguments have not been scheduled. >>> for fall out from the penn state scandal. the high ranking official who resigned today amidst the controversy. >> the bay area microclimates making a come back. the tahoe travel forecast and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. >> a first [voice of alicia key over 1000 babies are born every day with hiv. and half will die before their second birthday. but th
today campaigned in texas a vote that hasn't voted democratic since 1976. and he suggested the state may not be a red state any longer. >>> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned congress the economy will worsen if congress doesn't act by the end of the year on the budget. >> the development of a credible median plan should be a high priority. at the same time fiscal decisions should take into account the frugility of economy. >> a new rescission could mean 4 million less jobs next year. the feds could take steps to help the economy but didn't say exactly what it might do. >>> stocks waivered tonight as investors watched bernanke's report. >>> a plea tonight from the mother of a 20-year-old from vacaville who was just taken off life support. she is asking for anyone who has information about her son to please come forward. >> you have to be accountable. so that this doesn't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: as we reported last night at 10:00, tyler grande was beaten unconscious on july 4th and never woke up. he was removed from life support on sunday. his organs will now be dona
yet. >> reporter: will lynch emerged today from his two week trial texas riumphant. lynch was accused of beating lynch. court photos show the lynch family's relief. not guilty of elder abuse. jurors dead locked on a misdemeanor dead locked. we asked lynch if he was expecting that result. >> honestly, no. i was expecting to go to jail. i was very surprised. pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: lynch still wants lidner for perjury. >> i just hope he realized he's done and there's no way that guy can hide now. >> reporter: prosecutor jeff rosen has some words. >> this is about lynch and revenge outside of the court. >> i feel like i can probably have some peace and get on with my life. >> reporter: one last legal issue remains the district attorney's officer has one week to decide whether he wants to retry lynch on the lesser assault charge. rosen says his office is considering it. >>> new details tonight in a shocking story of neglect. authorities describe horrible treatment of mentally disabled adult at a nonlicensed care home. matt keller may have learned more victims who may not have b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3